Heimbach TASK stands for "technical assistance, service and know-how" and is a mobile diagnostic unit for paper machines.

Highly qualified and experienced specialists in paper technology and mechanical engineering of the TASK department diagnose and localise problems anywhere in the paper making process, identify the causes and propose solutions.
Advanced measuring technology and specialised equipment enhance the analytical skills of Heimbach's professionals.Some of the diagnostic procedures and equipment have been developed within the Heimbach-Group. They have subsequently been technically matured in co-operation with specialised companies and are exclusively used worldwide by Heimbach-Group specialists.

TASK uses man-power and high-tech equipment in order to get to the bottom of problems.

Best Practice from Practical Experience

An Excerpt from our Service Catalogue:

Detecting Mass Variations – ODIN, the Mobile Measuring Tool

Every paper maker knows this: mass variations in the sheet, so-called barring, occur; the cause is unknown. TASK service experts provide answers with the help of the portable measuring tool “Odin”: This measuring fork registers dynamic periodic mass variations and makes them visible. This enables the causes of this problem to be pinpointed accurately. Often the mobile measuring fork identifies unusual parts as “troublemakers” – even features that are still working within the green zone but are likely to lead to errors in the near future. With “Odin” these potential causes are detected in good time and the culprits can be exchanged. This saves time, effort and money and contributes directly to prevent financial damage. 

Savings Potential in the Dryer Section

65 % of total energy consumption account for the dryer section. Task tracks down savings potential: an analysis of the complete dryer section, i.e. assessing both supplied and exhaust air of the hood, is possible. Drawing up a hood balance and researching the causes of sheet edge lifting, the resulting edge cracks and much more are part of our service catalogue. This means that on the one hand energy and therefore money can be saved, and on the other that improvements can be made that lead to higher production speed and therefore to increased turnover. 

Sheet Breaks

Sheet breaks occur quite often, but the cause cannot be found. Frequently the cause can be speed differences between the individual sections, e.g. between top and bottom fabric or at transfer positions such as between the dryer section and the press section or within the dryer group between the individual drive sections. Our TASK colleagues are able to determine such differences in speed and will be at your side with advice with regard to choosing new machine parameters or whether there may be a different reason for the sheet breaks.

Measuring Press Load and Nip Profile

Thanks to modern technology our TASK experts are able to display and illustrate the topography of the nip in graphic form. This is done with the aid of film sensors, which are inserted into the nip zone and then transfer their recorded measurements to a connected computer. The 3D display illustrates in different colors which gravitational force affects which point. Damage to the roll surface, problematic force distributions, as well as the maximum pressure on the nip can thus be identified and remedied or resolved.

This is just a selection of our many services. Please contact us for further information:

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Manager TASK
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