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Heimbach Group

Think Global – Act Local

Technical textiles play their part in improving the quality of life – economically and environmentally friendly.

Heimbach provides the funda­mentals for production and process technology – Clothing is at the heart of every paper machine, filter media are the core of all filtering equip­ment. Unique technical tex­tiles are used in special applications.

Products, service and know-how: Heimbach's  technical competence and expertise are the basis for reliable optimisation - worldwide, around the clock.


Paper: Means and resources for mankind
Filtration and Technical textiles: Technology for mankind



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Heimbach Tipping Competition

Become the Tipping Champion and go for gold!

Heimbach Tipping Competition

Power for your packaging – Primoselect covers all cases

When the sheet leaves the forming section the crucial properties in the paper have already been set. For packaging machines, quite different fabric properties are required compared to graphic machines and Heimbach has extended the Primoselect fabric family to provide these.

Further information on Primoselect can be found here