Heimbach GROUP

Vision & Mission


A Leading Supplier of Industrial Consumer Products and a Variety of Services for the Paper Industry, Environmental Technologies and Other Selected Market Segments


As a leading supplier, it is our aim to secure significant shares in clearly defined areas of the market. To be innovative, for us, means to have the technological lead in both, product and service.


Good Working Relationships with Customers Worldwide

Heimbach-Group is establishing good working relationships with customers – worldwide. Our strategies are based on excellent representation in our core markets, such as Europe, Asia and South America.

Focus on Profitability and Continuing Success

Maintaining profit levels is an important pre-requisite for financial and entrepreneurial independence. Continued success will ensure our future.

Actively Promoting the Welfare of Our Work-Force and the Community as a Whole

We are committed to the long-term vision of balancing the interests of customers, shareholders, work force and the community. Our work force is, together with customers and shareholders, of the highest concern to our company.