Sustainable campaign at the Düren site: cycling for a good cause

In June, we carried out a charity campaign at our Düren site under the motto "Cycling for a good cause". The employees were asked to come to work as often as possible by bicycle or on foot instead of using the car for four weeks. The management had promised to donate 30 cents to a regional aid organisation for every kilometer sustainably travelled. No sooner said than done.

Among the 74 participants were many "repeat offenders" who regularly sat in the saddle. There were daily performances of 63! kilometers (and that without an e-bike). Respect for so much commitment and physical fitness!

What did we gain from this action? One important aspect was to make us aware once again that physical activity is important for our health. Furthermore, we wanted to make clear that sustainable action is lived at Heimbach. Every kilogram of CO2 saved is thanked by the climate. And last but not least or especially, we wanted to do something for those who are not doing so well.

We proudly announce that we have collected 9592 sustainable kilometers within four weeks. The converted amount of 2,878 € was rounded up to an even 3,000 € by the management. Peter Borsdorff, founder of the organisation 'Running for Kids', was very happy about our donation, which will help a family with two handicapped children to buy a handicapped accessible car.

Our management was immediately enthusiastic about the donation idea, and Marco Esper, who also pedalled, drew a positive conclusion at the end: "I am pleased to see that together we can achieve a lot. There is a simple rule of thumb for this campaign and for achieving our corporate goals: 'No ambition, no success!


f.l.t.r.: Dirk Steiger (Works Council), Peter Borsdorff, Marco Esper (CEO)