Research for the environment

Research and development do not only exist on paper at Heimbach. We regularly co-operate with renowned regional institutions, and not only in order to improve our products. Long-term contribution to a clean environment is equally important to everybody in the company. After all, acting for the protection of resources and the environment is firmly rooted in Heimbach’s guiding principles.

Last year our textile engineers put themselves at the service of science by forming a research team in collaboration with the Universities of Aachen and Bonn. They have been researching biologically-inspired surfaces for years. Among other things, both universities are developing new configurations for removing oil from inland waters.

Nature is the driver. In order to protect itself it is able time and again to create highly complex structures with a wide range of functions. To give one example, the joint project examined what characteristics aquatic plants bring to bear on separating oil from water. The microscopes were focused on the interrelationships between strongly water-repellant and water-adherent surfaces. The result of long days in the laboratory: Oil can be selectively extracted from contaminated water using plant surfaces. The research results form the basis for new textile materials with which water can be ecologically treated.

Once again it has been shown that science and environmental protection often go hand in hand. And with Heimbach, wherever possible, at the forefront.

Photo: © W.Barthlott, University Bonn