Heimbach GROUP


Globalisation generates new momentum


Today, globalised markets require world-wide presence in the interest of international customers. That is why production and sales operations have been established and expanded at various sites in Europe, Asia and South America.

Together with the parent company they form the Heimbach Group. With approximately 1400 employees the Heimbach Group supplies the market world-wide.



Important milestones in the history of Heimbach:


2011    200 years company anniversary
2010    Heimbach upgraded its assortment for shoe press belts
2009    Foundation of Heimbach Fabrics (Suzhou) Co Ltd., China
2008    Acquisition of Emission 0, Chile
2008    Acquisition of Filt-Man S.A. Argentina
2008    Acquisition of Industrie Tessili Bresciane S.p.A., Italy
2008    Acquisition of Mondial Filter AB und Cefab Filterservice Sweden / now Heimbach Filtration AB
2007    Acquisition of Marathon Belting Ltd., Rochdale, England
2007    Heimbach filtration division becomes Heimbach Filtration GmbH
2006    Foundation of Heimbach Asia Singapore Pte Ltd.
2003    Acquisition of Tex4Tech GmbH, Lörrach/Germany

2001    Foundation of the filtration division in Düren
1991    Acquisition of C.H. Johnson Ltd., England / now Heimbach UK Ltd.
1980    Foundation of Atlanta Felt Company, Atlanta, USA
1974    Foundation of Swiss Wire Ireland Ltd., Tralee, Ireland
1970    Acquisition of R. Bruch & Cie.,S.A., Neu-Moresnet, Belgium / now Heimbach Specialities AG
1969    Heimbach Ibérica S.A, Spain was founded
1964    Implementation of needle technology and snthetic fibers
1924    Co-operation with Munzinger AG, Olten; Switzerland, now Heimbach Switzerland AG
1900    Heimbach becomes the largest manufacturers of press felts in Europe
1899    Heimbach changes its legal status to a private limited company
1884    Foundation of one of the first company health insurance funds in Germany
1865    Construction of the first factory
1852    Lease of the Krutzmühle in Wiesenau
1811    Heimbach Düren was founded by Thomas Josef Heimbach